Facial Palsy Road To Recovery Podcast

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Looking for helpful advice and support on facial palsy or bell’s palsy?

Check out this engaging podcast hosted by Veronika. In each episode, leading experts in the field, including ENT doctors and physical therapists, share practical tips for managing this challenging condition. From coping strategies to treatment options and more, this podcast is your go-to resource for everything related to facial palsy. Whether you’re living with facial palsy or supporting someone who is, join the community of patients and their loved ones and start your journey towards recovery today!

You will gain insights into the differences between palsy, paresis, paralysis, and synkinesis and learn what to expect during their initial evaluation with a doctor. In addition, you will discover the various treatment options available for facial palsy, from physical therapy to surgery, and how they can help individuals recover and improve their quality of life. Join us to gain valuable insights and knowledge from an expert in the field, and to learn about how to manage and recover from this condition.

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