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Have you been struggling with facial paralysis, TMJ or other face-related health issues? With FaceRehab’s app, face health issues will be a thing of the past!

What are you struggling with the most right now?

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New Educational & Training App

Interactive Facial Exercises with physiotherapist

Start your intensive training for Bell’s Palsy or TMJ and get your results right away.

The platform offers a range of interactive exercises, developed by experts in facial rehabilitation. Users can assess their stage of rehabilitation and access exercises filtered to their specific needs.

Training Calendar: Monitor your progress with our intuitive calendar feature. Track your exercise routines, record milestones, and observe your transformation over time.
Interactive Exercises: Designed to targets specific facial muscles, promoting gradual restoration and improved mobility.
Self-Control Reminders: Receive timely notifications to stay motivated, avoid bad habits, and ensure consistency.
Educational Facts and Tips: Access valuable insights and expert tips to enhance your understanding and optimize your progress.

Online Consultation: Direct connection with dedicated professionals via our online consultation feature. 

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What You Should Know

Face scanning technology in your pocket

Facial paralysis or TMJ can be a very frightening experience, but the good news is that FaceRehab brings the most advanced technology for scanning of your face condition and interactive facial exercises in our mobile applications.

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis, you know that the road to recovery can be long and difficult. One of the many challenges you may experience is to understand if your facial asymmetry is changing and if you are progressing during your recovery.

Traditional treatments like physical therapy are very helpful and important to have, but they can also be expensive and hard to plan yet participate. That’s why more and more people are turning to at-home exercises as a way to help speed up the healing process. Our Apps are affordable and allows you to scan your face condition and exercise at any time

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About Us

Why patients
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Designed by Experts

App was designed by our team of fully trained and professionally registered therapists and specialised doctors.

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Innovative Digital Training

FaceRehab app offers digital training solutions for people living with facial paralysis or TMJ to train from home at their own pace.

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Exercises are Key

These exercises are the key for quicker recovery of face nerves after Bell's palsy or other face-related health issues .

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Muscle Movement Tracking

Mobile application measure performed muscle movement activity using a front camera in a smartphone.

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Face Asymmetry Scanning

With our face asymmetry scanning, you and your physician can track the progress of your treatment and adapt the proposed exercises.

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Personal Companion

By performing these simple exercises on daily basis, you can help to improve your condition and quality of life significantly.

Looking for helpful advice and support on Facial palsy or Bell’s palsy?

Check out this engaging podcast hosted by Veronika. In each episode, leading experts in the field, including ENT doctors and physical therapists, share practical tips for managing this challenging condition. From coping strategies to treatment options and more, this podcast is your go-to resource for everything related to facial palsy. Whether you’re living with facial palsy or supporting someone who is, join the community of patients and their loved ones and start your journey towards recovery today!


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